• We are the leading manufacturer of potable spas, related products in China since 1992, we have built up a advanced production process and working team, OEM, ODM Projects are well operated in team, 350 workers, 15 R&D and 20 oversee service staff are working for you, our capacity output 6000 pcs different spa annual make sure meet big order demand.

  • Winer spa are sourcing the best equipment from Candian, Amercian , Australian and china to make the efficient spa.

  • Winer launched 1-3 new products monthly to keep the latest market Trend, every spa are very strictly inspected and protected before sending out.

  • call: +8620 66288656; Emial: ;Skype: winerspa2011
spa series choice
swim spa Diamond spa Romantic spa Classic spa Gazebo series
Szie from 3.8 m  to 6 M, 5 different models ,see detail... 4-8 person,more than 25  models choice., see detal.. these models mainly for 2-3 persons, see see detal... These models mainly used for commercial purpose. see detail... we have different size also offer customize for customer ,see detail...

Winer spa with global spa industry factors

Winer spa takes pride in using the best components in the industry, including product from the following manufacturers: Lucite, Aritech acrylics,inc, balboa inc, EG air inc, rising dragon.

      Winer are leading the Chinese spa industry

Factory Office spa forming section 6 S management warehouse quality you can see
Winer spa are unrivated in comfort in every aspect of our spas, sweeping armrests,and deep groove seats represent the first steps toward your total ergonomic comfort,Through extensive engineering,the winer spa reclina seat has been crafted to flawlessly mold to your body so you can truly submerse yourself in the Winer spa experience without "floating to the top".our specifically desgned theater seats have been tested to ensure that each person is positioned comfortable , allowing maximum massage and hydrotherapy for every individual. See more...

All our products come with CE ,SAA,KC and CCC certifications, all our electronic or electrical elements in accordance with CE, or UL,CSA, ROSH different system. Manufacturing operations are ISO 9001:2000 certified

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